University of Arusha

This is the second Strategic Plan for TAC since its inception and subsequent launch as a training college in 1992. The plan is produced by TAC Management with a purpose of giving a new development strategy that will provide a sound institutional framework for the provision of strong leadership and co-ordination of the multi-sectoral response. The plan seeks to be responsive to the development of structures and systems to facilitate efficient and effective delivery of services and growth of the campus. It is important to point out that the college has been proposed for accreditation to a full fledge university status to be known as the University of Arusha (UoA). However, the transition is hampered by an inconsistent, slow growth and undeveloped faculties and structures to accommodate the proposal. The plan has taken into account the fact that solution to slow growth cannot be attained unless the strategy incorporates the participation of partners and other structural causes such as the inadequate financial ability to undertake its development.

Since its inception, TAC has undergone four distinct stages of development. Stage one (1974 ? 1978), the institute was established as a seminary known as Arusha Adventist Seminary (AAS) offering ministerial training. Stage two was observed in 1979, AAS was transformed into a college status and was renamed Tanzania Adventist Seminary College (TASC) offering first 2-year diploma in ministerial course, business and secretarial. In Stage three (1975 ? 1994) TASC was converted to Tanzania Adventist College (TAC). About a decade later (2003), TAC evolved and is undergoing a structural transformation into a full-fledged university, the proposed University of Arusha (UoA). In the current development phase, great progress has been exhibited. An inspection by HEAC yielded a letter of Interim Authority. This implies recognition by the government as an institution of higher learning and officially allows for the development of institutional frameworks to operate as a University.

Purpose of the Strategic Plan

The proposal to transform Tanzania Adventist College (TAC) to University of Arusha (UoA) provides the beginning of major development challenges to enable the institution to realise its intended goals. This provides the context for the development of the plan, which seeks: -

To analyse and formulate strategies to respond to leadership and developmental challenges for the proposed University of Arusha.

To formulate a five-year strategic development plan outlining both educational activities and development project activities hence realize increased enrolment.

To assess the organizational capacity of TAC to provide a framework to guide the implementation of the five-year strategic plan.

To provide a framework for resource mobilization and management of the institution.