University of Arusha

To be granted the opportunity of becoming a full-fledged University is both desirable and challenging. Tanzania Adventist College (TAC) has been given the ˇ°green lightˇ± by HEAC to process its transformation into the University of Arusha (UoA).

Education is about change and Christian education seeks to develop the whole person to serve God and humanity. The people of Africa are wanting to see positive changes, higher and better qualifications that will help them render quality service in their communities. The need for more institutions of higher learning offering quality education is readily apparent as the number of university applicants increases by the year. However, in spite of our determination and alertness, the development is faced with critical issues of inadequacies; capital investment, resource base and low enrolment. It is for these reasons that UoA declared its development needs. We must mobilize all our available resources to develop the institution. Lack of access to a modern institute of higher learning is not a threat to the church alone, but to the national and international community as well. This we must combat with assistance from our allies, friends and development partners.

This 5-year Strategic Plan outlines the intentions of UoA as a Christian institution committed to providing quality education at an affordable cost with equal opportunities for everyone. It also gives an assessment of and recommendations for TAC to become the UoA. To effectively respond to this challenge, we have built the strategic plan to provide sound policy and institutional framework. I expect the UoA to provide strong leadership and co-ordination in all disciplines and to all stakeholders. In order to achieve this, the development must be placed in the mainstream of all our thoughts and actions. The foundation for this mainstreaming process is in the UoA authorities who are responsible for ensuring that the transformation process is integrated in the mainstream agenda of UoA.

It was clear from the many brainstorming sessions, that the task of becoming the UoA will be very challenging. It will require discipline, perseverance, determination and expertise to meet its targets within the proposed timeframe, to make administrative adjustments and to meet financial commitments. Leadership and action will be required at all levels. The Strategic Plan provides structures, a framework of guidance and the intervention for the UoA authority and its various departments. The structure is designed to make the intervention relevant to the needs of our stakeholders.

I am confident that UoA response will yield access to modern learning. The plan is based on five main priorities of which Academic Advancement and Human Resource Planning and Development are most important. To this end our stakeholders must be sensitised to our needs. This development can only be won by effective partnership. The Strategic Plan recognizes that activities and resources cannot come from one single source. We must deploy our energies and resources to identify priority areas and strategies, continue seeking opportunities and contribute to implementation.

ˇ°University of Arushaˇ±, the University we want!

Vincent Goddard
Vice Chancellor