University of Arusha
Health services

This sector seeks to provide health care ministry for UoA family and the entire community through an integrated healthcare system including preventive, promotive and curative services. Most of the health services are carried out at the college dispensary, which is served by two Clinical Officers (CO) as the head of the unit. The COs are supported by three nurses, a lab technologist and cleaner. On the facility front, there exists a drug store, pharmacy, a male and a female observation rooms. Services offered are maternal child health (MCH), Family planning (FP), curative and minor surgery and dental services.

It was revealed that the department has put in place basic reporting, monitoring and evaluation tools, which are in line with the Ministry of Health requirement. Progress in this department has been significant. It has provided access to medical care to TAC community, Tanzania Adventist Primary School (TAPS), Tanzania Adventist Secondary School (TASS) and the community at large. However, it has also been faced with several problems such as: -

Inadequate staff
Inadequate supply of drugs and supplies
Poor services hence poor turnover
Limited healthcare services

Religious Activities

The Campus Pastoral Ministry of the University of Arusha exists for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God within and outside the university through a balanced and integrated model of pastoral ministry that includes proclaiming the everlasting gospel leading and shepherding the flock of God. The campus pastoral leadership, which is spearheaded by the chaplain, is committed to equip the university church members, students and faculty for effective and efficient service in the Christian ministries. This involves the following elements of the University of Arusha campus life:

Worship - a process of praising and honouring God by focusing on His character, attributes, actions and words with the aim to increase the knowledge and faithful practices so as to bring joy and glory to God.

Nurturing - building the Kingdom of God through the process of being fed spiritually, physically, mentally and socially to grow like Christ and fit to be a citizen of the Kingdom. This would revitalize the in-reach Christian ministries towards reflecting the image of God.

Fellowship - building close social relationships through sharing joys and sorrows together and supporting each other¡¯s needs. This would help to revitalize and maintain the spirit of purity, caring, unity, peace and love as church members grow in Christ in their social relationship.

Mission - the process of building the kingdom of God through proclaiming the good news of God¡¯s love in word and action to the people in need around us and beyond.

Auxiliary Enterprises

UoA has incorporated various auxiliary enterprises - income generating activities as an internal resource mobilizing strategy for sustaining the various activities on campus. Currently, the IGA activities involve: -

Dairy and farm
Bakery and canteen
Internet Cafe
Grinding Mill

Several achievements have been realised. These include: -

Provision of milk used at the cafeteria
Generation of income
Provision of basic necessitates and commodities within a reasonable distance such as bread and other household requirements.
Most of the enterprises are self-sustaining
Improved communication through use of internet/email facilities

Besides the achievements, the following constraints have been experienced with the IGA: -

No clear reporting systems
Inadequate technology to facilitate work at various IGAs
Poor supervision
Inadequate physical facilities such as shelter for cattle
Inadequate skill of the projects staff
Lack of honesty among the projects staff

Main Observation from the Review of Past Activities

In the immediate future, the UoA authority should carry out a comprehensive improvement/expansion of the enterprises to enable them generate maximum revenue for sustainability. If this has to be effectively and efficiently done, the authority will need to undertake the following actions: -

Carry out routine staff appraisal/performance and analysis
Capacity building for staff
Recruit skilled staff
Increase involvement in supervision activities
Fundraising and Resource mobilization to improve and purchase facilities
Carry out a baseline survey to generate the benchmark situation
Develop monitoring and evaluation tools for each IGA
It was noted that UoA has good quality and skilled staff. Unfortunately, their potential has not been fully tapped. It will therefore require the authority to also carry out structural adjustment and adopt the principle of ¡°staff placement by objective¡±. The authorities will also need to be taken through project cycle orientation course in addition to financial management course.