In attendance :

1)      Pr. Ngussa                   Chairman

2)      Dr. O.Y. Mbwambo.    Secretary

3)      Mr. M. Church Member

4)      Mr. M. Bina                 Member

5)      Pr. J. Izungo                 Member

6)      Mr. M. Mavanza          Member



1)      Dr. M Jackcson            Apology

2)      Mr. A. Masambu          Apology



Pr. Ngussa


Song : Fanyeni Kazi Zenu

Prayer : Pr. IZUNGO


Opening word: Pr. Bina

  • Appreciation
  • History of Union meeting in April 2004
  • Retreat in Morogoro April 2004
  • Spirit of Prophecy from pg50 Christian Leadership
    • Decision Making
    • Page 133/4
    • Obstacles -decide to conquer them or they will conquer you
    • Long delays tire the Angels
    • You can fail or succeed in minutes
    • Prompt action
      • ˇ¦delay. Doubting,
    • God cannot use undecided leaders
    • You are now connected to God –
    •  no way to be neutral ground
    • Divided , undecided, unsettled-God cannot use
    • God with us we cannot fearˇ¦ˇ¦
    • Pray the Holy Sprit inspire the committee
    • Kneel to pray ALL
  • Chairmanship Pr. Ngussa as the Union Stewardship coordinator
  • Secretary Dr. O.Y.Mbwambo elected unanimously
  • Chairman explained the formation of the committee
  • Every entity has a strategic planˇ¦.
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable/Achievable
  • Result focus
  • Timely
  • + 2 pillars Youth & Publishing






















1)      Evangelize unentered people groups

Baptizing 300 annually

ü      Form a working group to create methods of reaching unentered areas( e.g. tracts, VOP lessons, singing groups, films etc)

ü      Hold 50 efforts annually


ü      TU Global mission Coordinator

2) Evangelize Moslems

Baptizing 200 annually

ü      Train 40 specific people to reach Moslems.

ü      Deploy the missionaries

ü       Supply them with specific tools & supplies.

ü      Get support from GC Adventist Moslem Relations.

ü      Produce special Radio broadcast for Moslems.

ü      Personal Ministries Director

3) General Evangelism

Baptizing 25,000 annually

ü      Distribute 130 million Sow Billion tracts

ü      To promote the Breath of Life Evangelistic Media Outreach in at least 20 churches

ü      DVD

ü      Union promote the Use of tools like satellite

ü      Personal Ministries Director

ü      Communication Director

4) Improve evangelization in SDA 10 , 20 and University

Increase the numbers of students who are baptized in SDA schools from ˇ°Xˇ± to ˇ°Xˇ± within 5 years

ü      Form a planning committee to re-evaluate approaches of schools to evangelizing students

ü      Implement a pilot program in each school to evangelize

ü      Monitor, evaluate and modify the approaches as necessary to bring the greatest results

ü      Ministerial Director

ü      Education Director

ü      Presidents and Headmasters of schools

5) Sow 1 Billion program is being promoted and used throughout Tanzania with positive results

(X) number of pieces of literature have been given out in Tanzania over a 5 year period

ü      Continue to promote the literature in every community

ü      Personal Ministries Director


6) TU is utilizing satellite evangelism again in a powerful way to draw people to meetings

Every church with a satellite downlink, video player and television in Tanzania are using their systems at least once each quarter to reach out to their communities with high interest programs

ü      Create a master plan to activate video and satellite evangelism

ü      Budget for the duplication and distribution of videos to every church with suitable equipment

ü      Set up a distribution system for churches which do not have capacity

ü      Communications Director









1)      Have sufficient qualified workers within the Church

Graduate in 5 yrs:

a)   Pastors-210

b)  Accountants-60

c)   Teachers-300

d)  Nurses-150

e)   Dr??????

ü      TU/Conferences/Fields to sponsor specific students

ü      Create work opportunities for students.

ü      Actively recruit secondary school students to enroll in TAC / UA

ü      Actively recruit students from TAC / UA

ü      TU/Conf/Field Treasurer

ü      ADRA/ATAP/School

ü      TAC / UA



ü      TU/Conf/Fields




2) UA has expanded to respond to the needs of the Church.

UA has sufficient facilities, Staff, accreditation and departments.

ü      Theology

ü      Nursing

ü      Education

ü      Business

ü      Office management


ü  UA has an annual enrolment of 750 students by the end of 5 years


ü      UA  has operational self sufficiency

ü      TU will provide and encourage linkages with Donors and supporters of UA.

ü      TU assists UA to recruit qualified staff

ü      TU, Conferences and Fields help UA remain solvent through sponsorship of students and prompt payments

ü      TU will assist UA to market its services

ü      TU Education Director

ü      TU Treasurer

ü      TU President

ü      UA President

ü      Conference and

Field Presidents and Treasurers





2)      The Secondary schools are in good condition and well equipped.


Within 5 yrs each of the secondary schools will be rehabilitated. e.g. Staff housing, dormitories and administration buildings.

ü      TU and ADRA will provide linkages for improving the infrastructures

ü      TU will make an inventory of the primary needs and look for ways to co-finance the improvements

ü      TU Education Director

ü      ADRA Director

3)  Increase access to Christian secondary school education.

Have a new Secondary School to accommodate 480 students within five years.

ü      Identify a suitable location

ü      Locate funding

ü      Construct, staff & equip the facility.

ü      TU Education Director

ü      ADRA Director

4) Increase access to Christian Primary Education

Convert 50 church facilities into pre-school or primary schools for 5,000 children to be used from Monday to Friday


Construct 5 new primary schools.



ü      Each Conf/Field to identify needs & facilities.

ü      Contact the MOE about requirements and authorization.

ü      Staff & equip the facilities




ü      Construct schools

ü      TU Education Director








ü      TU Education Director

ü      ADRA Director






Better Health for our Church members

All (#) Adventist churches and companies in Tanzania have received and implemented an HIV/AIDS and MCH education program.  Also, general health education modules are used in all  camp meetings nationwide

ü      Design & Implement a Union-wide HIV-AIDS Education program

ü      MCH education prepared, duplicated and delivered

ü      Clear modules about health are provided  to camp meetings and campaigns.


ü      TU Health Director

ü      ADRA Director

Health Centers are managed effectively

All 43 SDA Health Centers in Tanzania are showing a profit and being managed effectively


ü      TU link with ECD to form a management structure for all SDA clinics.

ü      TU to look for donations of equipment

ü      TU Health Director


Heri hospital is fully expanded, equipped,  appropriately staffed and self sustaining.



ü      Within 5 years Heri Hospital has a new hospital wing, electricity, a dependable water supply, good quality housing, a communication system and sufficient medical equipment.  Also, it is retaining sufficient qualified staff.

ü      Has achieved OSS


ü      Conduct a feasibility study for capital development

ü      Recruit qualified staff

ü      Study ways to retain qualified staff

ü      Build, expand and upgrade the hospital infrastructure and communication system



ü      TU Health Director

ü  Hospital Director

ü  ADRA Director


Heri hospital a Nursing school

By 2010 a Nursing school capable of training 100 students per year will be operational

ü      Design a school

ü      Locate potential donors

ü      Construct and staff

ü       TU Health Director

ü  Hospital Director

ü  ADRA Director






YOUTH  (85% of Church)

1)      Parent / child communication among Church members is greatly enhanced.

Within 5 years 50% of church member families in Tanzania have used family communication tools on morality, sexuality and life-skills

ü      Get, translate and reproduce communication tools to be used in families.

ü      Organize and conduct seminars for using the tools  e.g. Stepping Out

ü      Youth Director

ü      ADRA

2)      Pathfinder Clubs have a new honor focused on morality

100% of the Pathfinder Clubs are implementing a new Pathfinder honor/badge that focuses on morality, sexuality, and responsible a Christian life-style

ü      Design/adapt an honor dealing with sexuality and morality

ü      Train Master Guides on the new honor

ü      Monitor and evaluate  implementation of the new honor

ü      Youth Director

ü      ADRA

3)      Sabbath schools are very interesting for the Adventist young people

80% of leaders for young people are using the new materials effectively, evidenced by an increase in attendance of 30%

ü      Translate/Duplicate and distribute materials for young people of all ages.

ü      Provide training modules for leaders

ü      Monitor usage and attendance

ü      Personal Ministries Director

4)Youth are actively involved in Church programs

At least 20% of the youth in every church are actively participating in church responsibilities,

e.g. junior deacons, visitation, music, scripture reading, etc.

ü      Organize study groups to explore ways to get youth involved in all Church programs

ü      Send Pastors, Youth Leaders and Elders a plan that will help them involve youth in their churches

ü      Youth Director and Personal Ministries Director

5) SDA youth have opportunities and training for economic empowerment

At least 10% of the Adventist Youth between the ages of 15 – 28 are participating in associations organized by the church that open their minds on ways to plan their futures and access economic possibilities

ü      Develop and distribute a curriculum for Adventist youth associations on economic development possibilities.

ü      Form youth empowerment associations

ü      Monitor attendance and results of the associations




1) TAP has greatly increased its production of low cost Adventist Christian literature

At least 50 new low-cost booklets are printed annually

ü      Identify and translate spiritually enriching low cost booklets that will build the church and bring new people into the fellowship of Christ

ü      TU to budget for the printing of these books

ü      Test market the books

ü      Print and distribute the books to every district of the country

ü      Encourage local writers

ü      Publishing Director

ü      TAP Manager

2) TAP is financially sound

ü      TAP shows an improvement in its financial position of (X) from its current status of (X) over a 5 year period

ü      Review the financial status of TAP and perform a SWOT analysis to identify growth opportunities

ü      Make budgetary changes to respond to a growth strategy

ü      Ensure cash income is assured through an improved policy on collection

ü      TU Treasurer

ü      TAP Treasurer

3) Adventist books are being sold in every district of Tanzania

ü      At least (X) books are being sold annually in Tanzania

ü      A new strategy is adopted to work through church members for the sale of low cost literature

ü      An efficient distribution system is developed

ü      Streamline approval process on new publications.


ü      Publishing Director

4) TAP is producing large numbers of tracts

At least 100,000 tracts are being printed and distributed annually in Tanzania

ü      Design and produce tracts

ü      Design strategy for distribution

ü      Distribute

ü      Monitoring and feedback

ü      Personal \Ministries

ü      Ministerial Secretary

5)VOP has greatly expanded its outreach

Students for VOP lessons have grown from (X) to (X)

ü      Design strategy for expanding enrolment


ü      Director of Adventist Media Center






1)  ADRA is working in harmony with the church through a variety of programs that engage church members in Tanzania to reach out to their families, neighbors and friends to relieve suffering and demonstrate the Love of God

By the year 2010, ADRA will have worked with, and through church members nationwide, to reach 500,000 people with messages on:  HIV/AIDS, Sexual Responsibility, Home-Based Care and Family  Communication




ü      Expand the number of proposals written in cooperation with the TU and submitted to donors for funding

ü      Effectively implement the programs with church involvement

ü      ADRA Director

ü      Departmental Directors

2) TU is strongly supported in its development plans for Tanzania

ADRA has at least five major funding partners and 10 minor funding partners who have a strong appreciation of the work of ADRA Tanzania and are willing to continue supporting in the future


ATAP has participated in 10 projects of the TU


Columbia Union Conference has assisted TU to accomplish its goals

ü      Aggressively pursue relationships and preparation of proposal for submission to potential donor partners

ü      Demonstrate effective leadership in the management and implementation of projects





ü      Include strategies for TU expansion in ATAP strategic plan



ü      Include strategies for TU expansion in the Columbia Union Conference strategic document





3) ADRA is complementing the strategic plan of the TU in tangible and obvious ways

ADRA has accomplished, to the best of its ability, the plans for the development of the TU, demonstrated by tangible and measurable results

ü      Work in tandem to clarify and quantify the plans so that ADRA can build them into its annual strategic objectives

ü      TU must encourage a strong local voluntary involvement in the project implementation and even financial matching contributions

ü      ADRA Director

4)Church members are working together for economic empowerment

X # of ˇ°biasharaˇ± groups are operating among church members

ü      Replicate existing successful models

ü      Develop simple guidelines

ü      ATAP



1)TU is using Radio to broadcast the Gospel to Tanzania.




 The Adventist Radio Station is broadcasting in Dar-es-Salaam, Mara, Mwanza , Mbeya and Arusha

ü      Organize a commission to study the best technology to transmit to new target areas

ü      Communications Director

2)  Satellite evangelism is being strongly supported by the TU (see ˇ°evangelismˇ± section above)

TU is empowering at least 470 churches nationwide to use satellite or video to evangelize each year

ü      Provide direction, motivation and encouragement to churches to use their equipment

ü      Assist 200 additional churches to have a video and TV set up for evangelism

ü      TU should coordinate with international Adventist Television Networks to downlink culturally appropriate broadcasts

ü      Communications Director

ü      Ministerial Director

ü      Personal Ministries Director

3) Television is being used by TU

TU is operating a television broadcast facility and studio

ü      Organize a team to prepare the plan and documents to submit for approval

ü      Locate a suitable location for a studio and broadcast station

ü      Install the equipment

ü      Locate funding

ü      Train people to prepare programs

ü      Broadcast

ü      Communications Director

ü      Adventist Media Director

4) Improved communication between Conferences/Fields, Institutions and the TU

Leaders in all 6 Conferences/Fields and Institutions are reporting monthly by email to the TU on achievement of local goals and progress towards the major strategic objectives of the TU

ü      Make sure that each organization has suitable communication equipment

ü      Train people in using the equipment regularly

ü      TU keeps track of progress towards the strategic planning objectives and report back to the constituents

ü      Communications Director

5) TU has a web site

By the end of 2004 TU will have a web site that is updated quarterly

ü      Create the web site

ü      Train someone to maintain the site

ü      Gather stories and articles to update the pages

ü      Communications Director









1) TU church members are more faithful in tithes and offerings

Members returning a faithful tithe has increased from 15% to 35% per year by the end of 5 years


Annual tithe income has increased from 1.5 billion Tshs. to

2.5 billion Tshs.


Offerings have increased from (Tshs. X) to (Tshs. X) over five years

ü      Innovative financial commitment plans are promoted within the TU churches

ü      Pastors are provided tools to help members to grow economically and to return faithfully

ü      Replicate success models of economic development throughout the Union through booklet story-telling, newsletters or bringing people to tell their experiences

ü      TU will make a special effort to provide materials that will help churches to educate members on the difference between tithes and offerings in order to increase offerings

ü      Stewardship Director

2) TU has an improved internal control system

By the year 2010 the TU will have a secure system in place for all funds received throughout the Union

ü      TU provides models of secure offering collection devices and money control systems for every church

ü      Provide a model to explain to church members how the income is secured, assured and reaches its appropriate purpose

ü      Prosecute through the law those who steal from the church

ü      Stewardship Director

3) TU utilizes the talents of lay members in the church

The TU will cooperate with ATAP to identify at least 1,000 professional Lay Members who will use their specific talents  to further the work of the church

ü      Build a database of Professional Lay Members

ü      Match specific talents with specific projects

ü      Utilize the knowledge of ATAP members for the growth of the church (not only use them as sources of funds)

ü      ATAP

ü      Stewardship Director

4) TU property is secure.

TU has free and clear titles to all of its properties

ü      A list of all properties without title is prepared

ü      A lawyer is hired to process ownership documents

TU Treasurer

5)Church members are planning their major/capital giving

24 seminars on planned giving have been carried out for 2400 attendees

ü      Treasurers and Stewardship Directors trained by ATAP professionals

ü      Seminars organized and conducted

ü      TU Stewardship Director

ü      ATAP







1) Each pastor and Elder of the TU is strengthened for ministry

Each pastor will receive a ministerial packet each quarter containing materials on; sermons, Sabbath-school helps, and evangelisation

ü      Assign a person to act in a supporting role for Pastors and Elders throughout the country

ü      Provide guidance in locating suitable inspirational and educational materials for Pastors, e.g. General Conference, WWW, neighboring country resources, ECD, etc.

ü      Budget and support the responsibility of the person selected

ü      Monitor and evaluate the response of the pastors and lay leaders to the materials distributed

ü      Ministerial Secretary

ü      TU President

ü      Communications Director

2)  Pastors are given opportunities to get continued professional education in ministry

At least 50% of all pastors have received continued professional education; e.g. short courses, workshops or seminars during the 5 year period

ü      TU must see that each Conference/Field has included a budget sufficient to respond to this objective

ü      Establish a priority system for selection of candidates

ü      TU must identify suitable courses

ü      Ministerial Secretary

ü      Education Director

3) TU has a process that enables Pastors to get higher education

TU sponsors 30 pastors to get their Bachelors and Masters Degrees

ü      Appropriate funds in the annual budget

ü      Apply an equitable selection process


4)  Pastors have mobility for ministry

At least 50% of pastors have mobility provided with a motorcycle or vehicle

ü      Institute a matching loan plan to help Pastors purchase mobility

ü      TU will purchase 40 motorcycles per year to make them available for Pastors under the loan plan


ü      TU Treasurer

5)  Every Pastor is strengthened for ministry by attending an annual retreat

Over a period of 5 years 100% of the Pastors will have attended one retreat with their spouses for revival and rejuvenation

ü      TU to plan for the retreats, including guest speakers, sports and refreshments

ü      TU Secretary


17:24hrs—Mr. Mavanza


2004 Aug 04th


Prayer----Mr. M.Church