University of Arusha

¡°Where there is a will there is a way¡±.

The development of the TAC Plan will go in history as a first participatory step towards defining the development process for the Proposed University of Arusha (UoA) former Tanzania Adventist College (TAC). Amid a multitude of sessions on culture, belief and development, it became increasingly clear that the time was right to strategise for an institution that focuses on holistic education and quality services as central issues. The task of formulating the plan would have been impossible without the support, expertise, cooperation and collaboration of the various persons and groups who participated. This is to thank you all who, at one time or other, devoted your time and energy to this task.

In particular, I wish to thank the Principal, Pastor Vincent Goddard, for taking a bold step to commission this activity as a means to tackle the challenges experienced in UoA and placed the strategic planning in context. Special thanks go to the Board of Trustees led by Tanzania Union President Pr. S. M. Bina (Chairman) and Dr. A. Otieno for sparing time to provide valuable input, direction, advice, encouragement and support. My exceptional gratitude go to the coordinators of the exercise, Dr. Lameck Miyayo and Mrs. Joyce Owino, who summoned their intellectual capability, physical time and endeavoured to work long hours during the entire planning process. These qualities were indeed most helpful in determining the quality of the plan. I also extend great appreciation to Mr. James Sando for all the logistical support, participation and encouragement. I am equally thankful to Members of the faculty more so to Pr. M. Mutaki, Mrs. W. Mitekaro, Mrs. Y. Miyayo, Mr. O. Ilomo, Pr. J. Yoyo, Mr. E. Azaliwa, Mr. J. Mrutu, Mr. L. Lyamuganda, Mr. D. Aunga, Mr. G. Manongi and Dr. J. Sabai for their consistent participation, vast experience and wide understanding of major areas of concern.

Much of the documented aspects of the report were provided by Ms Nafikahedi Singo, to whom I owe special appreciation, having tirelessly committed her time to collate and type all the planning proceedings. My appreciations also go to the catering staff led by the Director Mrs. Joyce Sakaya and Mrs. H. Manongi for the pleasant welfare. Thank you for the quality services that you rendered.

Out of the mainstream stakeholders, allow me to extend my honest and sincere thanks to all who offered spiritual inspiration and encouragement. Last but not least, I wish to express my continued gratitude to the Students especially those who took time to support the process in volunteering crucial information, friendly support and prayers.

May God bless you all.