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Posted by Cradle of Love | April - 2 - 2016 | Comments Off on Wash, Wash, Washing!!

thumb_0W1A9390_1024Felista volunteered for 1 month assisting with caring for the children before she was offered a permanent position in the laundry, where she has now worked for 4 years. Felista has two adult children and spends her spare time in her garden. She grows many vegetables, supplying mchicha and salad to cradle at a small price each week. We choose to purchase these items from her as it is an additional income for her.


When required, we also take any sewing needs to her as she is a talented seamstress. She makes all our cot sheets, pillow cases, sews names onto the children towels, repairs curtains, mosquitos nets and much more!

This woman LOVES to dance! She has the moves haha

I asked Felista, where she would like to go on a holiday if she could choose anywhere in the world….. at first she said Moshi! This is a small town about 80km’s from here with well… not much there! So I dug a little deeper and said choose ANYWHERE!!!!! “Dar Es Salaam” was her reply…. hmm, I thought.. I was expecting something a little more exotic and well, outside of Tanzania.

I am sadly reminded just how privileged we all are and that for the majority of Tanzanians, they will NEVER get the opportunity to leave their village let alone travel within their own country and here I am asking her about a ‘dream’ destination that has NEVER even crossed her mind. Its not important. Life, food, shelter and the basics is ALL it is about for them and it makes me so sad and wish we could help them so much more than we are able.

Life is so difficult for them! They work so hard and have nothing and yet they are so happy, praising God and always smiling. We have a lot to learn from each person we meet 🙂


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