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Tyson was brought to Cradle when he was six months old. His chubby body was dressed in pink from head to toe but there was no mistaking that he was a boy!

He was one of the first 12 babies to come in to care, during the time that the director and her family were caring for the babies in their own home. Tyson was always healthy and grew quickly. He did suffer from skin problems-eczema-but with a special cream it eventually cleared up.

The directors daughter, Staci is very close in age to Tyson, so they spent the first few years as close buddies. Staci is actually a couple weeks older than David!

However, when Tyson was nearly three and needing to be in a permanent home, a wonderful missionary family visited him and wanted to adopt him!  As his mother was still living,  and she knew that she could not care for this little man, she relinquished her parental rights to the Gee family. Tyson became David and went to live with his new family, which included six brothers and sisters.

David is thriving in his secure and loving environment and he and his family have welcomed two more brothers and a sister–all from Cradle of Love.

The whole Gee family have been to America for furlough, but have returned again to spend many more years serving in Tanzania.

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