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Maria came to Cradle when she was two weeks old. Her mother is living with HIV and was told by her doctor not to breastfeed her baby.( This advice goes against the World Health Organization guidelines, which state that an HIV+ mother should EXCLUSIVELY breast feed her baby for the first six months. However, the medical profession here is not always in tune with the latest recommendations.)

Maria with Toby. Age 1

Maria was always a small baby, with an impish grin that attracted visitors and volunteers to her. When the directors mother visited, two years in a row, Maria was her “favorite” baby.

Several times there were people interested in adopting Maria, however for various reasons, none of them eventuated. When Maria was 3 years old, the director put a “deal” out to God. If no serious adoptive parents came forward by November 2009, then the directors family were to adopt her!

Maria’s mother never visited the entire time that she was living at Cradle of Love.  It took some time to talk to the mother about adoption, and then she had to talk to her elder brother. After many phone calls, meeting in person with the mother and the uncle, the relinquishment papers were finally signed in front of a lawyer.

Jesca, Mariah’s birthmother, cooperated so that we could get a passport and visa to take her to the States on our annual holiday. To date, we do not have the adoption completed, but Maria, now known as Mariah, has been living in our home for 11 months. We pray that all will go smoothly so that she will bear the Church family name, before we take our 2011  home leave.

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