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Moses one day old at Cradle of Love Baby Home in Usa River Tanzania Africa

"What in the world is that?" thought Moses as he walked closer to investigate a crumpled cloth on the ground. As he neared, he saw a tiny arm flail out ...

Kaden was one of our first babies at Cradle. (While we were caring for babies in the directors house. )Two of our volunteers, Sarah Spangler and Julie-Faith Handysides, went to ...

Tyson was brought to Cradle when he was six months old. His chubby body was dressed in pink from head to toe but there was no mistaking that ...

Marie's mother died and her grandmother was left to care for her, but she really struggled to give this little girl what she needed at the baby's young age. Imara ...

Cory was first taken to Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital located on the slope of Mt. Meru. They tested him for HIV and found that he was positive for the antibodies, so ...

Hello, my name is Hosiana Justine and I am a care giver at Cradle of Love Baby Home. Before I began working here three years ago, my family was suffering. My ...

An abandoned baby boy was left at Mt. Meru Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. Cradle of Love of contacted to take him into care. He was small and sickly, and although ...

Maria came to Cradle when she was two weeks old. Her mother is living with HIV and was told by her doctor not to breastfeed her baby.( This advice goes ...

In November 2008, four tiny babies were born out in a Masaai village, far away from medical help. Amazingly, this morning gave birth to all four infants normally, and they ...

29 Apr 2016

How gorgeous is SHE! Growing so quickly.  

29 Apr 2016

The twins are doing so well and have really settled into Cradle of Love. Just look at these faces!!!!

29 Apr 2016

Weighing just 2.5kgs, Junior was born via emergency caesarean section at Mt Meru Hospital. His mother, Neema was aged 35 years old. Neema started having high blood pressure when she was 8 months pregnant. On this particular morning she woke feeling very swollen and was unable to open her eyes and thus was taken to Mt Meru hospital. Her doctor said she was in great danger as her blood pressure was so high and he proceeded to perform an emergency caesarean section to deliver a healthy baby boy, Junior. It wasn’t until the 3rd day post delivery that Neema began  [ Read More ]

3 Apr 2016

This afternoon, a family turned up with their young baby girl named Faraja. She is just 2 days old and so adorable! Sadly, her mother bled so much during childbirth and died. She was HIV+. Faraja was born via Caesarean section at Mt Meru hospital. She has two older siblings aged 9 and 12 years and will return to her father and extended family once she is weaned. All snuggly on arrival… Time for a bath   Cuddles with nanny Agnes  

2 Apr 2016

Felista volunteered for 1 month assisting with caring for the children before she was offered a permanent position in the laundry, where she has now worked for 4 years. Felista has two adult children and spends her spare time in her garden. She grows many vegetables, supplying mchicha and salad to cradle at a small price each week. We choose to purchase these items from her as it is an additional income for her. When required, we also take any sewing needs to her as she is a talented seamstress. She makes all our cot sheets, pillow cases, sews names  [ Read More ]

31 Mar 2016

Leah has been Cradle’s main cook for the past 4 years. She not only cooks for the children and staff 5 days a week, she also does the shopping every week. Leah works very hard, often arriving to work early and leaving late. Her response to almost anything asked of her is ‘no problem’! She is always smiling and giggling. When I asked her what her hobbies were she replied, driving! …. and computers. She would also like to study computing if the chance arose. Here is Leah with a big pot of porridge filled with a variety of grains  [ Read More ]

30 Mar 2016

Mary is a dedicated and hard working mother of two girls, aged 11 and 7 years. Mary has been working at Cradle of Love Baby Home for 11 years! Thats from the VERY BEGINNING! She initially started in the laundry and moved into cleaning, which is her current role. She keeps the entire place very clean and no task is too big for her. Mary’s dream is to study computing for 6 months, however she is unable to afford it. Mary speaks very good english and has the most beautiful smile!

29 Mar 2016

Harriet, our social worker is trying to look busy haha. 29 children are enough to keep her busy! Harriet has worked for us for almost 3 years now! Something about Harriet: She loves to TALK! Whether your a visitor, a volunteer, a child, an elderly person, a staff member, or someone from the street, she ALWAYS has time to chat to you. She is so full of energy and fun and always laughing. She is  a joy to be around. In her spare time (when she isn’t talking), Harriet likes to sing, read her bible and spend time with her  [ Read More ]

28 Mar 2016

Elizabeth was looking lovely for work today…. Elizabeth has been working with us for a few weeks now. She is really enjoying the work and loves the children.  

14 Mar 2016

Today we got a phone call from social welfare asking us to take care of a set of twins. Two little boys of 7 months who were abandoned by their mother early Sunday morning, 1 week ago. Their father left for work early that day while his wife and sons were still sleeping, only to be called back at 2pm. After listening to the desperate cries of the boys for hours from behind locked doors, a neighbour decided to breakdown the door and investigate. She found 3 boys with weak, hoarse cry’s just lying helplessly on the floor of their  [ Read More ]



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