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Hello, my name is Hosiana Justine and I am a care giver at Cradle of Love Baby Home.

Before I began working here three years ago, my family was suffering. My husband has no work and we have two children, Walter and Flora. Now, because of my work, I can help provide for my family.

I love babies, and that is why I wanted to work at Cradle of Love. The best thing about working here is that it is a peaceful place and there is lots of love. The other workers love each other, as well as loving the children. Secondly, we have a boss who has the fear of God. She always tells us that this Home is run by Faith in God and He is the One who provides!

One of the hardest things about working at Cradle is when a baby is sick and doesn’t even want to eat. It makes me feel helpless.  Also, when more than two of my assigned babies need attention and are crying, it’s hard to know who to help first!

I attend church on Saturdays, when I am not working, and take care of my family on my time off.

Working at Cradle of Love gives me not only the chance to earn a living for my family, but to help the babies who have no mothers to love and care for them.

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