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Meet the Volunteers of Cradle of Love Baby Home in Tanzania AfricaNOTICE:  Until further notice our volunteer apartment will not be available. We do have someone who will find host families for volunteers in Usa River. You would have a shared double room and three meals a day for $90.00 per week.

Cradle of Love Baby Home is founded and directed on Christian, Seventh-day Adventist Principles. As such, we have a conservative volunteer policy. We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and walks of life and who are willing to work hard and give all they can to our children. We are looking for people who are:
PROACTIVE: Join in and organize activities for the toddlers, see what needs to be done for the other babies or to assist the staff.
PATIENT: Things move slowly in Africa. Relax and enjoy the slow pace. Remember that life here is not as organized and predictable.
FLEXIBLE: Plans change and we need you to “go with the flow” so to speak. For instance you may be working with the toddlers for the most part, but we may need to have you work with the babies, if a caregiver is not at work.
CONSIDERATE: We do not have a lot of rules and restrictions for our volunteers. However, we do ask that you respect the ones that we do have.
RESPECTFUL: There are times when you may not agree with, or understand our decisions or direction. Although your suggestions are welcome, your faith, respect and consideration for our long term work and commitment will be appreciated.
FRIENDLY: Tanzanians are warm and friendly people. Don’t be afraid to make friends and learn some Kiswahili. You may learn more about Tanzanian life and culture than you ever thought possible.
TOLERANT: The food, culture, smells and sounds will be unfamiliar to you at first. We recommend that you experience Tanzanian life to it’s fullest. You will be surprised at how quickly you will adapt.
SENSE OF HUMOR: Once again, life here is NOT what you are used to! The electricity WILL go out. The water supply WILL cut off. You WILL have to take cold showers and use candles from time to time. Service WILL be slow in restaurants, banks, supermarkets… Keep your cool and use your sense of humor while still being respectful. Learn to handle difficult situations with patience, tolerance and a SMILE.
DEDICATED: We trust that you are coming to volunteer to truly reach out and touch the lives of others. This is not a vacation, although you will have time to travel and see around. Volunteering is about helping others and learning that when you do that, you will find happiness in your own life.

We accept day volunteers after reviewing their Resume/CV. Please email that to After approval, you fly over to Tanzania, find a homestay (we can recommend a safe and comfortable place within walking distance of Cradle of Love Baby Home), and come in the day to help out with activities and play with the babies.

If you are coming for three months or less, you may volunteer using a CTA visa which is available at the airport. The cost for this visa is $220 dollars which is in addition to the tourist visa for $50 dollars.

Cradle of Love Baby Home operates completely on private donations, and those donations go 100% for the care of the children. The director, assistant director, and the two other managers do not receive a salary of any kind. So because of this we encourage volunteers to do fund-raising before coming.

You can follow all the latest photos, videos, and news on our Facebook group:

Friendly WARNING: When volunteering at Cradle of Love, you will “fall in love” with a particular baby. It’s one of the hazards of working here! Please realize this before you come. Recently the adoption law has changed. Before the laws were changed, a couple of our single volunteers were able to adopt, but not now. Now Tanzania does not allow children to be adopted by those living outside of Tanzania, you also must be married with at least one of you being 25 years old, and a resident of Tanzania for 3 years prior to applying for adoption. Cradle of Love Baby Home obeys the laws of Tanzania and therefore is NOT in favor of our volunteers trying to adopt outside of Tanzanian law. There have been those who have tried to adopt by relinquishment, but they have lots of challenges, years of living in Tanzania, or having to abandon the adoption proceedings. Please avoid hurting yourself and a child, and if you want to adopt, do it through an agency and a country that allows foreign adoption.


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