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Kaden was one of our first babies at Cradle. (While we were caring for babies in the directors house. )Two of our volunteers, Sarah Spangler and Julie-Faith Handysides, went to visit another orphanage and saw this tiny baby, all but being ignored. He was HIV positive, and this organization does not accept babies like that, so he was left in a corner away from all the others, being fed, but not getting held.

Soon Kaden was being cared for by these two young ladies in their little apartment on our campus.
I wish that I could say that Kaden thrived under their care, however he was a sick little boy and had to be on an IV for some time for pneumonia. It cleared up, but recurred within a short time, which is common for an HIV+ baby.

There was a loving, newly-wed couple from Canada, who dearly loved little Kaden. They took him to their apartment for about a month, and were considering adopting him. However, when he got very sick again, I talked to Brad and Angie about Kaden’s short future, asking them if they were willing an emotionally able to care for him until death. They decided they were not, so I took him into my home for his final days. In the photo below you can see the oral thrush that kept recurring. Kaden, whose name means “fighter”, died in my arms while I was singing “Jesus Love the Little Children”.

Kaden’s short life was filled with security and lots of love! Sometimes that is all you can do–but that is a LOT!

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