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Posted by Cradle of Love | March - 14 - 2016 | Comments Off on Another set of Twins!



Today we got a phone call from social welfare asking us to take care of a set of twins. Two little boys of 7 months who were abandoned by their mother early Sunday morning, 1 week ago.

Their father left for work early that day while his wife and sons were still sleeping, only to be called back at 2pm.

After listening to the desperate cries of the boys for hours from behind locked doors, a neighbour decided to breakdown the door and investigate. She found 3 boys with weak, hoarse cry’s just lying helplessly on the floor of their poverty stricken home, surrounded by filth. Our social worker, Harriet went to the home to investigate the situation and noticed the dirty dishes, the cockroaches, and feces everywhere.

Hassani is the elder twin and Hussen the younger. Both boys are in poor health with coughs, and a severe skin infection covering their bodies. They were soaked in urine stained clothing, smelt of faces and hadn’t taken a bath in a VERY long time. They were starving and managed to devour a huge cup of uni (porridge) each. The boys are learning to sit with assistance and therefore joined our ‘Crawlers’ group and are already settling in nicely.

The twins elder brother, who is three years old was accepted to go to STEMM, an orphanage for older children, as he was too old for Cradle of Love. We hope to reunite them either back into their own family when the situation improves or the mother returns or at STEMM once the boys are old enough.

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