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Koreas English Cafe is the premier spot in the Seoul Metropolitian area for relaxing atmosphere coupled nicely with a purely English speaking environment. Whether you are a Business person or student our Cafe will supply you with your much needed environment of learning and leasure.
Happy Road Guest House We have just recently opened our new location on the first floor of the Happy Road Guest House. With the many international travelers constantly visiting the guest house and cafe you will surely be pleasently immersited in the world and favors of multicultral English, as well as some fine coffees.

12.25.06 Merry Christmas from the only cafe in town that serves English and Excellence.

01.01.07 Another year has come and gone and we hope you have grown both in wisdom and love. Happy New Year

01.01.07 Come enjoy special low rates on all our drinks as well as accomodations in our lovely rooms.

New English Library Knowledge is the basis for all understanding and the future of our society. Koreas English Cafe is all about learning and practising your English skills while enjoying the company of friends and making new ones. Building an worldwide friendship base while staying right here in Korea.
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